Corporate Barter: Proven Financial Solutions

During this webinar, Mike Mazzeo, VP of Business Development at ICON, will help you understand more about Corporate Barter as an industry, ICON's origin story, ICON case studies, interesting stories, and what it means as an audience.

Laws Have Changed: Stay in Compliance While Saving Thousands

Do you know the historical legislative changes that now allow your customers to choose their price based on how they pay?

Join Amberly Allen Joseph, Managing Partner, and Laura Mellencamp, VP, at Dealer Merchant Services as they discuss how to be compliant while saving thousands of dollars per month, per rooftop.

Numa: Turning Missed Calls Into Appointments

Using Numa’s artificial intelligence and voice or text communication, your dealership can handle multiple functions, like appointment setting or status updates automatically! Numa’s use of machine learning means every customer interaction is training Numa on how to respond.

Get Your Savings in Gear: Using Cost Segregation to Maximize Tax Savings on Your Auto Dealership

Cost Segregation is an engineering-based analysis used to accelerate depreciation of dealership real estate, decreasing tax liability and increasing cash flow. This course will present an overview of cost segregation, exploring dealership assets eligible for accelerated depreciation. We’ll discuss general factors that make a dealership a good candidate for study, and review what the study process entails. We will also consider study timing, discussing the utility of cost segregation at all points in the dealership life cycle.

Build Your Best Team: Attracting and Hiring Talent in a Post Pandemic Labor Market

The pandemic has fundamentally changed who and how we hire. Today, it's more important than ever to be extra diligent during the candidate selection process to ensure that you're only bringing on the best of the best. Once that new hire signs the offer, you then need to get to work on a structured onboarding process and building out career paths that promote long-term retention.

Employee Retention Tax Credit – The PPP Nobody is Talking About

ERTC is the biggest give away in US history, second maybe only to PPP. It is not uncommon for dealers to qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Be that as it may, many eligible dealers haven’t filed for potential funds simply because they’re operating on bad information. ERTC eligibility was expanded to include more businesses than originally planned and most dealers likely qualify. The current administration is now looking to shut the door on this lucrative incentive program forever. Learn who is eligible and how to apply before it’s too late!

Develop Tactics and Strategies to Boost Profitability in 2022

Dealerships are coming off a strong year of sales and profits, but now face the threats of growing inflation, limited inventory and many other headwinds that could negatively impact profitability in 2022. This webinar will outline both strategic and tactical approaches dealers can take to reduce costs now and into next year, as well as preserve and improve profitability in what could well be a challenging 2022.

Understanding Automotive Buy Sell Best Practices and Fundamentals

Interested in buying a dealership or possibly selling your automotive dealership in this hot market? Wondering where to start with a succession plan? Or already have one? The Buy Sell Market and Transactions are top of mind for everyone in the Automotive industry right now. During this webinar we will discuss the current state of the Automotive Mergers and Acquisition’s business including trends, best practices whether you are buying or selling, and the fundamentals of the M&A market.

Driving Forward: What the Future of Auto Retail Buy-Sell Looks Like

Buy-sell activity is booming for auto retailers. In addition, dealers are seeing historic times where they are seeing record profits despite inventory shortages and a global pandemic. All of this is driving demand for stores and creating a get-big or get-out anxiety for dealers looking to compete. In this session, Haig Partners will share how the future of auto retail continues to look bright but different than what we are experiencing today.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Offer best-in-class customer experiences and improve operational efficiency! Learn how true cloud technology, access to real-time data, Advanced Analytics and much more can deliver the best experiences to your customers and enable your team to operate more efficiently.

Are You Experiencing Turnover?

The truth is that companies today are in an employee retention crisis!

With high turn-over and siloed departments, employees are feeling less engaged more than ever.

We’ve made each user the center of their WerkandMe experience. Our suite of app features allows the user to have transparency and more importantly, control over their own werk engagement. And, by empowering managers with powerful gamification, training, and reward features, employees will be motivated more than ever to be engaged with werk.

How to Significantly Reduce Shop Supply Spend

When you look at your supply budget, what is the largest bucket? Shop supplies. Bringing the cost of shop supplies down for your company is hard because they are very specific to your needs and your purchasing of these supplies usually falls under the column discount pricing thresholds. So how do companies do it?

Strategic Source would like to invite you to a webinar with Randy Pritchard of Imperial Supplies, a specialty division of Grainger. Imperial has the most robust distribution network for shop supplies in the United States. We will show you how you can bring your Dealer supply cost by almost 40%, and COGS can be cut by almost 27%!

Ground Breaking Innovations within the DMS Space

Core delivery values offered by today’s DMS Platform
How digital tools and your data value can increase sales
How Business Intelligence tools are changing the DMS arena
Ways you can use your data to coach and correct

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