Our Solutions

Purposely Designed to Drive Profit Improvement

At StrategicSource, we know long-term success isn’t built on short-term programs. Our Spend Management advisors have the freedom to recommend solutions based on their clients’ unique needs. Which means they can build their client’s spend management programs to achieve maximum profitability and compliance.

Our suite of customized solutions is designed to satisfy all the spend management needs an organization may require. By engaging StrategicSource team, our clients average 20 – 25% cost savings on their indirect expenses which can increase their profit margins by 1 – 2%.

Achieving Your Expense Reduction Goals

Reasons why you will be able to achieve higher expense reduction goals by engaging with us.

1. We augment your office staff to “consistently” execute a comprehensive expense reduction / profit improvement program.

2. We have supplier pricing benchmarks in over 100 categories that allows us to negotiate the best pricing.

3. We have sourcing professionals with many years of category expertise that is difficult to internally develop.

4. We have a robust supplier requoting and audit processes that ensures supplier programs are consistently implemented.

5. We manage your spend management program through ExecutiveTools that delivers real-time information for you to make the right decisions.

The StrategicSource Experience

Do you know there are over 130 categories of products and services that companies need to purchase for their businesses to run?

These indirect or not-for-resale product and services tend to be overlooked and not optimized over time. Expenses such as:

Office & Technology

Finance & Human Resources

Operations & Facilities

Sales & Marketing



We start every day with one mission in mind to protect and grow our client’s profits so it last for generations.     This focus underlies everything we do, from spend management to business planning to compliance.   As it has for over 20 years.

Our Spend Management Solutions

Experience our Customized, Personal Approach to Spend Management

Markets change, but the role of spend management shouldn’t. It should aim to provide the essentials of profit improvement, resource management and supplier compliance for your company. That is why, for more than 20 years, we have held an unwavering belief in our personalized, customized approach that we call our Profit Improvement Program.

A great Spend Management program should advance your business to the next level. We have put our best data expertise into designing an innovative program for you. A subscription-based service designed to strengthen profitability, save time, and keep you educated on new ways to expand your business.

You’ve worked too hard to get anything but the best training for your business. That is why we have created a portfolio of unique and innovative training solutions for businesses looking for high quality education. Get insights, best practices, and recommendations from experience trainers on a variety of spend management topics to help you improve your profitability.