Understanding Automotive Buy Sell Best Practices and Fundamentals

Zoom Webinar

Interested in buying a dealership or possibly selling your automotive dealership in this hot market? Wondering where to start with a succession plan? Or already have one? The Buy Sell Market and Transactions are top of mind for everyone in the Automotive industry right now. During this webinar we will discuss the current state of the Automotive Mergers and Acquisition’s business including trends, best practices whether you are buying or selling, and the fundamentals of the M&A market.

Develop Tactics and Strategies to Boost Profitability in 2022

Dealerships are coming off a strong year of sales and profits, but now face the threats of growing inflation, limited inventory and many other headwinds that could negatively impact profitability in 2022. This webinar will outline both strategic and tactical approaches dealers can take to reduce costs now and into next year, as well as preserve and improve profitability in what could well be a challenging 2022.

Employee Retention Tax Credit – The PPP Nobody is Talking About

Zoom Webinar

ERTC is the biggest give away in US history, second maybe only to PPP. It is not uncommon for dealers to qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Be that as it may, many eligible dealers haven’t filed for potential funds simply because they’re operating on bad information. ERTC eligibility was expanded to include more businesses than originally planned and most dealers likely qualify. The current administration is now looking to shut the door on this lucrative incentive program forever. Learn who is eligible and how to apply before it’s too late!

Get Your Savings in Gear: Using Cost Segregation to Maximize Tax Savings on Your Auto Dealership

Zoom Webinar

Cost Segregation is an engineering-based analysis used to accelerate depreciation of dealership real estate, decreasing tax liability and increasing cash flow. This course will present an overview of cost segregation, exploring dealership assets eligible for accelerated depreciation. We’ll discuss general factors that make a dealership a good candidate for study, and review what the study process entails. We will also consider study timing, discussing the utility of cost segregation at all points in the dealership life cycle.