Past Webinars

In order to exceed profitability objectives, businesses need to utilize all the tools, best practices and programs available. As your expense management consulting partner, StrategicSource has developed a Series of Educational Webinars to help businesses improve their profits and cashflows both in the short and long term.

Accounting & Taxes: Capstan Tax Strategies

Using Cost Segregation to Maximize Tax Savings on Your Auto Dealership

AIADA Presentation: Strategic Source

Controlling Expenses in a Changing Market

Buying & Selling: Haig Partners

Driving Forward: What the Future of Auto Retail Buy-Sell Looks Like

Buy-Sell Activity is Booming for Auto Retailers

Buying & Selling: DSMA

Understanding Automotive Buy Sell Best Practices and Fundamentals

Cash Preservation & Expense Reductions: Strategic Source

60-day Cashflow Preservation Strategies

Top 25 Expense Reduction Opportunities in Dealerships to Consider Now

Credit Card Processing: Merchant Maven

How a Credit Card Processing Program can add 3% to your Bottom Line

“Credit Card Processing Programs that can add immediate profit to your bottom line”

“How they work, typical savings, and getting started”

Credit Card Processing: Dealer Merchant Services

Recapture Your Credit Card Expense Without Disrupting CSI

Do you put off reviewing your credit card processing statements because they are too confusing? Join Strategic Source and Amberly Joseph, Managing Partner at Dealer Merchant Services, to learn how to combat these fears with a Dual Price Strategy.

Cyber Security

Forward Collision Warning

Learn how small and midsize businesses can achieve a Fortune-500 cyber security level on a budget.

Data & Analytics: Tekion

Use Your Data to Create Efficiencies:

Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) is the industry’s first and fastest end-to-end cloud-native platform. ARC includes all functionalities of a DMS and accompanying tech stack to run a seamless retail business. Learn how true cloud technology, access to real-time data, Advanced Analytics and much more can deliver the best experiences to your customers and enable your team to operate more efficiently.

Dealer Management Systems: PBS Systems

Ground Breaking Innovations within the DMS Space

Core delivery values offered by today’s DMS Platform
How digital tools and your data value can increase sales
How Business Intelligence tools are changing the DMS arena
Ways you can use your data to coach and correct

Employee Engagement: WerkandMe

Are you experiencing turnover? Learn how to retain Employees and keep them Engaged

Companies today are in an employee retention crisis! With high turnover and siloed departments, employees are feeling less and less engaged. Find out how WerkandMe’s groundbreaking employee retention platform can help you Reduce Employee Turnover and Increase Employee Engagement, Recognition, and Development.

Financial Planning: The Estate Planning Team

Deferring Capital Gains with Deferred Sales Trusts

Deferring Capital Gains from highly appreciated assets
How to invest in future bussinesses and property pretax
How to earn investment income on what could otherwise be paid in taxes

Fixed Operations: AMSI

Taking the Mystery out of Fixed Operations

Key Factors Measuring Fixed Ops Performance
Setting Service Goals & Mining for Profit
Strategies for Managing Effective Labor Rate

Human Resources: Hireology

Build Your Best Team: Attracting and Hiring Talent in a Post Pandemic Labor Market

The pandemic has fundamentally changed who and how we hire. Today, it’s more important than ever to be extra diligent during the candidate selection process to ensure that you’re only bringing on the best of the best.

Human Resources: Paylocity

The New Era of Work: Your Employees Have Spoken

In today’s digital world, employee engagement and communication matters more than ever. The future of work is focused on positive employee experience and the key is giving them the right data and tools.

Human Resources: Withum

Employee Retention Tax Credit: The PPP Nobody is Talking About

ERTC is the biggest give away in US history, second maybe only to PPP. It is not uncommon for dealers to qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The current administration is now looking to shut the door on this lucrative incentive program forever. Learn who is eligible and how to apply before it’s too late!

Parts & Labor Warranty Recovery: Dynatron

Every Service Department is Sitting on a Hidden Opportunity!

There are three primary ways a Service Department can drive additional revenue and profitability. Do you know what they are?In this webinar we will be covering the three areas and why Price Optimization for your Service Department is a hidden opportunity that many dealers overlook.

Profit Improvement: Strategic Source

Reducing Costs of Services & Supplies to Drive New Profits

Shop Supplies: Imperial

How to Significantly Reduce Shop Supply Expense

Imperial, a specialty division of Grainger, is the most robust distribution network for shop supplies in the US. Distributing 1.7 million products annually, a typical Dealer will cut supply cost by 40% and cost of goods by 27% by utilizing Imperial technology to eliminate the route salesman.

Utilities: JIT Energy Services

Reducing Utility Costs, Rate Optimization, & Steps to Sustainability

Helpful hints to reduce utility costs

Generating refunds and future savings from Rate Optimization

Worker’s Compensation: CompFiduciary

Strategies to Reduce Work Comp Spend by 30-50%

The State of the Work Comp Industry
What is Working for Others in your Industry
How to Fund and Manage your Work Comp Risk

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