Why Spend Management?

Why work with StrategicSource?

With expertise in over 125 expense categories, StrategicSource helps our clients achieve peace of mind knowing that highly competitive solutions are developed, implemented and audited across their enterprise.

A complete approach to maximize your spending.

Our team will comb through all of your internal data to get an accurate spend visibility over a 12-month period. From there we can assess which spend categories your money goes to, who it goes to and how many redundancies may exist in your process.

We review your spending by category and discover which category can be rectified quickly, and which category will take further examination. We look at which categories need more attention and which have the most complex cost plan solutions. From there, we compare these expense categories to our annual reduction goal.

To develop a solution for each spend category, we create a financial analysis for each category based on 5 levers: Requirements, Solution, Financial, Process, and Compliance. This analysis allows us to provide improved efficiency and effectiveness, control and probability. All of which lead to a sustained cost reduction bringing a substantial benefit to your bottom line.

The execution phase is based on a process of awarding the supplier, implementing a strong communication system, proper training, reducing costs, change management, internal auditing, supplier auditing and re-training if necessary. From there, we can view the complete financial evaluation and impact.

To complete the process with maximum effectiveness, a reassessment is critical. We develop a schedule for category review. We consider all business cost saving ideas, the expiration dates of contracts, category pricing fluctuation and financial impact. Often, the high spends get reviewed more often. We analyze any necessary changes based on your business needs and develop a strategic plan for your organization’s long-term success.

Certified Suppliers

StrategicSource is supplier independent, meaning we do not take compensation from suppliers.
We are objective, searching for the best solutions that meet our clients needs.

As a resource to our clients, we have developed a certified supplier program comprised of
select vendors that have provided our clients with proven results and competitive pricing.


We have worked with StrategicSource since 2009 and value the relationship today more than we did at its inception.

Cory Pool VP/CFO
Jenkins Auto Group

For the last 2 years, Rydell Automotive has utilized StrategicSource for their Spend Management Services.

Jen Schmiess Penas Controller
Rydell Automotive

If your organization is seeking a partner to help improve efficiency of your organization, help control, manage and . . .

Trevor Mack Chief Financial Officer
Phil Long Dealerships

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