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ExecutiveTools is an innovative spend management analytics and performance reporting platform that we have developed in collaboration with our customers and partners. We are proud to deliver an advanced platform to help our customers achieve their objectives by providing real-time spend data, performance results, supplier management and always-evolving technology right at your fingertips to keep you up to speed with your spend management objectives and goals.

ExecutiveTools Web Portal

Manage your business spend, objectives, sourcing plan, contracts, supplier eco-system and our performance in the ExecutiveTools.

An easy to use web portal and dashboard unique to your business that will track performance and spend metrics while housing all your spend, supplier, contract, audits, tools and training resources.

• Client Dashboard to monitor your profitability performance
• PIP Tracker to monitor our program performance
• Contract Tracker to manage all your contracts
• Expense Tracker to provide analytics on your category spend
• Spend Map that provides the program’s roadmap

ExecutiveTools Deliverables

ExecutiveTools portal is ideal for any organization, but especially those with multiple locations.  Now your organization will have the opportunity to achieve the following:

  • Share business objectives to align and focus your team
  • Communicate current performance to plan on a dashboard
  • Publish the organization’s Sourcing plan among all locations
  • Identify Preferred Suppliers and their contact Information
  • Track and report supplier contract due dates by location
  • Disseminate policies and controls among all employees
  • Communicate approved supplier and consulting options to all locations