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Creating Cost Reductions in Uncertain Times with Centralization

Most organizations are realizing the true value of high performing purchasing functions now more than ever. When sales are strong, we have the luxury of overlooking dollars laying on the floor of our business. We can rationalize the decisions not to pursue obvious expense saving strategies because someone’s feelings might get hurt, a relationship may be challenged, or toes might get stepped on. Research says that the centralization of Purchasing will yield 25% cost savings and that research is confirmed by StrategicSource who averages a whopping 29% savings across all categories.  Can you afford to ignore that fact today, tomorrow,
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Preferred Supplier Strategy: Reduce Expenses – Increase Profitability

Managing your supplier expenses is critical to your profitability.  If you have ever read or heard about the “Iceberg Principle,” you know that people can tend to focus their efforts on the “visible” part of an iceberg and neglect to see the dangers of the “invisible,” in this case, the size of the iceberg under the water line.  What does the “Iceberg Principle” have to do with the management of supplier expenses in a dealership? To view the full article, click here:  Digital Dealer Magazine
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