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Challenging Times Require Expense Planning – June 2021

Failure to plan results in a plan to fail as they say. Auto Dealerships all manage up to 130 different expense categories in their businesses. Building a plan to prioritize those expense categories is imperative.  Sourcing each and every one of the categories will help your organization reduce costs and improve profitability in these challenging times. Our planning template is the ideal tool for Dealers to define their expense categories and begin building a plan. Once the plan is in place, you are ready to attack supply and service expense in a methodical way. If you are interested in obtaining
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Effective vs Ineffective Spend Management Strategies – June 2021

Spend Management is really a combination of a number of key tasks in an organization including the following: Spend Analysis Spend Planning Sourcing Implementation Management Auditing All six components need to be established to have an effective spend management strategy. The benefits of an effective spend strategy are many but certainly include improved leverage, better pricing and improved profitability. List below, are the characteristics of both an Effective Spend Management strategy and Ineffective Spend Strategy. Let’s focus on the characteristics of the Effective Spend Strategies as outlined below. Characteristic Effective Spend Strategy Ineffective Spend Strategy Mission and Scope Control up to
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Webinar – Reducing Costs of Services & Supplies to Drive New Profits

Doug Austin, Founder and CEO at Strategic Source to Speak at Reducing Costs of Services & Supplies to Drive New Profits The Knowledge Group, the leading producer of regulatory-focused webcasts, has announced that Doug Austin, Founder, and CEO at Strategic Source, will speak at its webcast entitled, “Reducing Costs of Services & Supplies to Drive New Profits.” This event is scheduled for June 24, 2021, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (ET) Event Summary With today’s heavily challenging economic situation, businesses of all sizes have started venturing into different cost reduction initiatives to optimize profitability while ensuring market competitiveness. These
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