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Leaders Simplify the Complex

Running a business is stressful, time consuming, and complicated; riddled with issues and challenges.  While business can be complex for the leadership team, it can also be complex for management and staff as well. When our teams run into problems, more often than not, they try to solve the problems as quickly and as effectively as they can.  Management teams may even thank their employees and encourage them to repeat that same level of initiative again. While the staff are well-intentioned, they might be inadvertently adding to the overall complexity of the business and possibly adding risk to the enterprise.
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Where are the Cost Savings?

Organizations frequently embark on cost reduction initiatives across their enterprises. Some organizations handle it at the corporate level, while others have Purchasing Departments whose responsibility is to get the right product or service to the right location at the best cost. In either case, one common question always arises – where are the cost savings? Where can I see them?  Frustration can occur if visibility is not shed on the challenges inherent in this process. Most of us would assume that cost savings would be easily identified on the Profit and Loss statement generated each month, right?  Wrong! Why Don’t
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Creating Cost Reductions in Uncertain Times with Centralization

Most organizations are realizing the true value of high performing purchasing functions now more than ever. When sales are strong, we have the luxury of overlooking dollars laying on the floor of our business. We can rationalize the decisions not to pursue obvious expense saving strategies because someone’s feelings might get hurt, a relationship may be challenged, or toes might get stepped on. Research says that the centralization of Purchasing will yield 25% cost savings and that research is confirmed by StrategicSource who averages a whopping 29% savings across all categories.  Can you afford to ignore that fact today, tomorrow,
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